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Recent Happenings

My life seems to have become a bit more complicated lately. Hubby has just taken extended leave prior to his retirement. That’s good because I now get home from work to an already cooked, or in the process of being cooked, dinner. The downside is that I have a near-enough-to retiree underfoot whenever I’m at home!  I have to say I do miss those few precious moments of peace and quiet I used to enjoy from time to time when he was working.

Then, yesterday, some delightful person hacked into my Yahoo email account and delivered spam to various contacts. Unfortunately Yahoo has decided that because of recent ‘suspicious activity’ on my account they should bar me from sending any emails so I can’t actually send explanatory notes to any victims. So, if anyone on my f’list has received a spammy email from me I apologise and I trust you have deleted it! Fortunately, although I can’t send any emails at the moment I can read anything that comes in and access my folders.

Better news is that I’ll be off to Canberra again for a few days at the end of April. It will be good to see how much the youngest grandson has grown over the last few weeks. He’ll be six weeks old when I see him again!

More good news is that I have done some writing lately and finally finished the Being Human fic that I had promised moth2fic so long ago it had become a dim, distant memory for her. It’s up on AO3 if anyone is interested in reading: La Lune 

Many, many thanks to kat_lair for providing a great beta and showing me where I was going wrong.

It’s wonderful weather here at the moment, lovely and sunny and warm. But that obviously won’t last as we head into winter. Last winter I stopped on the way to work and took a photo of the small lake not far from my office.

Misty morning

It was a foggy day and a little eerie. Can’t say I’m looking forward to winter this year and the fogs but then after the extreme summer it will almost be a relief.
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