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I’m here to pimp a comm:


moth2fic pointed me in its direction a little while ago and I must say it’s a nice friendly place to be for writers who want to practice their craft and get words out of their brain. In fact the Profile for wordsinthebrain says it all:

‘This community is for writers. Not just people who write and post or publish things regularly. If you write things, you're a writer. This community is for you.

Writing is a skill. It does not require genius, but it does require practice and training. The best way to be a better writer is to WRITE MORE THINGS. It does not matter if they are short things, long things, silly things, pointless things, experimental things, or any other kind of things. It only matters that you write them, regularly and consistently.

To all of those who have never shared their writing before... share it with us!’

So, if you’d like somewhere to go for good supportive feedback on your work and to practice your writing this is the place to be. Fanfic or original writing is welcome and the only rule is that everyone comment at least twice a week on one or other of the prompt fills. Prompts are delivered regularly and you can write to them whenever you like.

It’s the comm owner/mod's birthday today so it would be a wonderful present for her if she received lots of new members who want to share their work and get feedback at the same time. I know anyone who wants to join in would be very welcome.

Happy birthday rubyelf
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