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We had another trip to Victoria a few months ago and spent time in the gorgeous wine growing area

These pictures were taken in and near Nagambie.

Lake Nagambie

Road near Mitchelton Winery

View from tower at Mitchelton Winery where we bought some lovely wines.

Cockatoos in daughter’s back yard.


Daughter hand feeding a wild cockatoo

There was a visit from daughter and grandsons in September and we had some outings while they were here. The first was to Monarto zoo just outside Adelaide. Lots of animals and you get driven around in buses so a bit like going on safari, sort of.






And, a Tasmanian Devil


 Then we went to Victor Harbor, a touristy town on the Fleurieu Peninsula

and took the horse drawn tram to Granite Island

Sea, rocks and cormorants

A seal engraved in a rock

there was a blue tongue lizard hiding in the grass

a rather surreal image of the shallow sea bottom taken from the bridge

It was a great week with them and hopefully there will be lots more visits.

These pictures have been taken over several weeks of our spring walks in the park


Birds in flight


and just sitting

the resident koala

and then later with baby

pretty butterflies


and finally, son’s tripod dog who joins us these days


On the writing front, there has been a small fic for the

[community profile] lewis_challenge , another episode in the Victorian Lewis and Hathaway vampire world and their attempts to catch up with the elusive Dracula. I’ve quite enjoyed creating this world and might carry on with it for another fic next year.

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